We’re open!

We’re pleased to announce that our gallery is open again! You’re most welcome and invited to see our exhibition on the three floors of the Platon Building! You’ll also find […]


Arsen Bereza is the Winner of the Platonic Solids 2018

The time has come to announce the winner of the Platon Solids 2018! It is with great pleasure we inform that the winner is Arsen Bereza! Congratulations to Arsen! We’d also […]


Heroines of Magda Kwapisz-Grabowska

Iconic Women from History, Art, and Culture often populate the paintings of Magda Kwapisz-Grabowska. You’ll find Georges Bizet’s Carmen, the legendary writer and feminist Simone de Beavoir, as well as […]

Aretha Franklin

The Iconic Women  or Women Icons of Art and Culture have always been the recurring subject in Marta Kwapisz-Grabowska‘s art.  In our Gallery you have a chance to see , […]

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