Anna Mielniczyk is a 2008 graduate from Painting and Sculpture Department of The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, the Studios of Professor Aleksander Dymitrowicz, Zdzisław Nitka Ph.D., Assistant Prof. Łukasz Morawski, Professor L. Mickos and Assistant Prof. Anna Kramm. Her artistic interests are painting and drawing.

Artist is a member of The Union of Polish of Artists and Designers in Wrocław.



  • ’Peeping into reality’- exhibition of the ‘Duets’ cycle, Community Centre “Zamek’’ Wrocław, Poland


  • Scholarship of The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Diploma under the tutelage of prof. Aleksander Dymitrowicz)


  • ‘Breaths’ – individual exhibition, Creative Arts Centre, Wrocław


  • collective exhibition of Workshop 114, The Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław


  • “Limitations’- diploma exhibition, Wrocław City Gallery


  • ‘Secret relationships’- individual exhibition, BrowArt Gallery
  • ‘Pictures Painted with Music’- nationwide competition exhbition, Cracow, Poland


  • “Placing” – individual exhibition, Formaty Club, Wroclaw
  • “The Landscape of the Lodz land”, ‘Polish flowers’ – Polish post-competition exhibition, AOIA Lodz
  • “Graduates and Guests” – post-pleinair exhibition, CK Suprasl
  • “Indian summer” – group exhibition of painting, Iwiny
  • “After a Hundred” – ZPAP jubilee exhibition, The Arsenal – The City Museum, Wroclaw
  • “Blinks of an Eye” – individual exhibition, DK Zamek, Wroclaw
  • “Art on the Street” – group exhibition, Lodz


  • “Colours of the Sea” – European Painiting Competition, Gdynia


  • “Particularity” – individual exhibition, Regional Museum, Sroda Slaska
  • “Gardens” – post-competition exhibition, BWA Ksiaz Castle


  • “Painterly confluences” – joint exhibition with Katarzyna Kulpa current art gallery / wójcik&stępniak, Wroclaw
  • “Constellations” – individual exhibition, Formaty Club, Wroclaw
  • “Constellations” – individual exhibition, Opole Town Library


  • ‘Appeal’- individual exhibition, Kafka at Opole Town Library
  • ‘AMAZI PEREBI’- joint exhibition with Anna Maria Kramm, Cepelia Gallery, Wrocław


  • “AMAZI PEREBI” – joint exhibition with Anna Marią Kramm, Gallery 33, Ostrów Wielkopolski
  • 3rd International Plein-air of Painting and Sculpture ‘The Plein –air Dimension of Art’ and the after-plein-air exhibition, Synagoga Forum, Ostrów Wlkp.
  • Painting identifications’- solo exhibition, The Union of Polish Artists and Designers ZPAP Gallery ‘Na piętrze’, Łódź
  • ‘Beautiful, Breathtaking, Too Much’- individual exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery BCK, Brzeg Opolski
  • ‘Alternatives 33’- collective exhibition, 5th International Art Review


  • ‘Quadro Art’ – group exhibition, Łódź
  • 7th Poznań Art Salon ‘Robinsonada’
  • ‘The Plein –air Dimension of Art’ – group exhibition, Synagoga Forum, Ostrów Wlkp.


  • ‘Sea Colours’ – marine painting exhibition, Gdynia
  • 8th Poznań Art Salon ‘Robinsonada’- 3rd Prize
  • And we are after ESK’ – collective exhibition, BWA Gallery Wrocław
  • ‘Resonans 2018’- Symposium International de Peinture&Workshop, Point-a-Vendin, Annay, France


  • ’OMORFA CHROMATA’ – individual exhibition, Gallery 33, Ostrów Wlkp.
  • 13th GreaterPoland Art Salon, Czarnków
  • ‘Ways of Freedom’- 2nd International Painting and Sculpture Symposium, Antonin
  • ‘Alternatives 2019’ – 8th International Art Review, Ostrów Wielkopolski
  • 9th Poznań Art Salon ”Robinsonada” 2020
  • Mamalegi Lab- art Contest 2019


  • From the collection of Galery 33, 2012-2020 in Gallery 33 in Ostrów Wielkopolski
  • 8th International Art Symposium Samorin, Slovakia
  • Kiodygresy II Amphitheater Gallery Ostróda 2020
  • individual exhibition ”Closing” Art Centre in Oława, ”Oko” Gallery


  • ‘Alternatives 33’ – 9th International Art Review
  • 8th International Painting Biennial Quadro Art, Łódź
  • ‘’AERO’’ Brama Wrocławska Gallery – exhibition within the MADOA aqua2021 project
  • ‘Alternatives 33’ – 10th International Art Review, Struga Palace 2021
  • 11th Poznań Art Salon ”Robinsonada”
  • individual exhibition “Imaging” Galeria Tkacka na Jatkach, Wrocław