We’re open on May the 5th

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is with the great pleasure we’re informing you we’re open again! May the 5th is the Day! The Gallery and Gallery Office’s working hours are as […]


Arsen Bereza is the Winner of the Platonic Solids 2018

The time has come to announce the winner of the Platon Solids 2018! It is with great pleasure we inform that the winner is Arsen Bereza! Congratulations to Arsen! We’d also […]


Rafał Chojnowski | Nobodies

Rafał Chojnowski is known to be the artist of bigger and biggest painting formats. This time, Chojnowski decided to paint somewhat of more intimate portraits of a few of his […]

Anna Mielniczyk | Paintings

Small format paintings by Anna Mielniczyk are now available for purchase on our site and at the gallery.  Like in the artist’s bigger realisations, here as well the painter continues […]

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