Platon at the Warsaw Art Fair

Ladies & Gentlemen, we’re pleased to inform you that we’ll be present at this year’s Warsaw Art Fair. The event’s taking place on the last weekend of November, 25th-27th.  Unlike […]


Martta Węg “Droga” | The Live from the Opening

Ladies and Gentlemen The opening of the Martta Węg painting exhibition “Droga” is behind us now.  A big “thanks” to everyone who attended!  Those of you, who could not celebrate […]


Bartosz Frączek

New artist and new artworks! Frączek’s rich and pulsating colours so typical for Pop-Art or Expressionism, his fascination with the 16th century painting, and last but not least decorativeness of […]

500 years of the History of Painting on 35 artpieces

Ladies & Gentlemen, The current art exhibition “(Nie)Moje obrazy” [ (Not)My Paintings” by Magdalena Kwapisz-Grabowska presents 35 artworks – the painter’s visual reinterpretations of the famous paintings by the famous […]

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