Rental of works of art

Long term rental:

We invite you to take the opportunity to rent works of art, thanks to the specially selected collection of paintings will be in your home or office. The solution recommended in particular customers hesitant to buy specific works, who likes change and looking for new inspiration. There is a possibility of cyclical changes in exposure, so that the interior of your home or office will never be monotonous. The offer is prepared individually. We provide expert assistance in the selection of works, interior design and assembly.


Rent with the possibility of redemption:

Our customers deciding on long-term lease works of art give the possibility to purchase the rented art after the rental period, at affordable prices. This gives you the ability to stop the work, which turned out to be great to interact with the space and come into his possession.


Rental barter:
We offer you the possibility of renting works, often the entire exhibition, in return for promoting contemporary art and our artists. The offer is addressed to companies and institutions or for the duration of celebrations, events.


Short term rental:

Customers undecided offer you the option of short-term rental of works of art for your home. In this way you can try before you buy work for a few days with him pomieszkać and see if you made the right choice.


For more information, please contact e-mail or telephone.