Exhibitions | Archive 2013

Daria Pietryka | Expedition

Welcome to another dose of young art to the Art Gallery of Plato ! From 1 December 2012 it will […]


Veroniq Zafon | Unbroken material

Unbroken material presents  photos from three editions of the callendar, prepared by Veroniq Zafon for Silesian company Olmet. The last  publication […]


Impressions | Andrzej Borowski, Artur Kardamasz, Tomasz Klimczyk, Halina Nowicka

The exhibition “Impressions”  is an exotic journey that allows you to distance yourself from rushing reality. This is an exhibition […]


Oceanic Letter | Kasia Banaś

“Oceanic Letter” is a series of paintings inspired by the poetry of Tomasz Różycki. Created in 2013, the work refers to eleven […]

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