Martta Węg | Paintings

Mysterious women in enchanting landscapes…

Mysterious women in summer dresses depicted in a winterly scenery, motionless as if waiting for someone or something. Or ladies wearing impeccable, elegant outfits and hats with large brims, returning from moors. Woman and Nature in Martta Węg’s paintings may not be what and who they appear to be, not entirely, not for sure.  Vivid and colourful landscapes depicted in the artist’s paintings may evoke the images of realms of the mythical gods and the women – despite their modern gowns – mythical dryads or naiads.

Undoubtedly, which the artist confirmed herself, her birthplace and its local surroundings as well as faraway journeys remain the inexhaustible source of inspiration to Martta Węg. Her painted landscapes may enchant a viewer with their rich, vibrant colour and thick “meaty” texture, which makes the whole experience almost organic!

And so we stand still, enchanted, in trance perhaps? To look and see… Maybe what we “look at” is the visual recording of the artist’s pure amazement and wonder of Nature and “Her” Beauty. Węg’s awoken emotions, close to the spiritual experience, are what she painted on the canvas for the viewers to “see”.

Enchantment and meditation; the presence and a complete withdrawal into oneself at the same time; are the Heroines from the artist’s paintings the vehicle of this spiritual state and, also, in a way the avatar of Martta Węg herself?  On the other hand, the Nature has always been associated with the female/woman’s element, so it’s not entirely impossible that – and here we’re back to our Greek dryads and naiads – the mysterious Women from Martta Węg’s paintings are both The Mighty Nature’s Seeresses and Priestesses.

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