Milena Brudkowska (born 1988, Lublin )

The graduate of Fine Arts Department of Marie Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin where she obtained the diploma with honours  in Canvas Painting Workshop in 2015. She participated in many solo and group exhibitions. Brudkowska’s medium are mainly oil painting, drawing, as well as art installation. The leitmotif found in the artist’s works is the depictions of her shoes,  private everyday objects,  and human portraits (usually women)  in, what we might call, postindustrial cityscape.

Kobiece formy (Womanly forms) is the main theme of Milena Brudkowska’s exhibition as a part of the Third Edition of Platonic Solids. The artist creates the unique portraits of ladies and girls with attributes that emphasise their feminity. The depictions, painted in more complex but warm colours, are also enriched with floral motifs. The specific relation between the artist and painted women is clearly visible in the character of the presented artworks. Brudkowska records  the intimate world of everyday life, emotions, passions. and the current fashion which, it seems, so strongly influences the women in her portraits.

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