MARTA LECH Born in 1979, Wrocław, Poland. 2000-2005 Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. MFA at Printmaking Faculty in 2005. Since 2008 Printmaking Instructor at Open Printmaking Studio in Wrocław. Active in the fields of printmaking, drawing and painting.

-Grand Prix 2013, Split Graphic Biennial, Croatia 2013
-II Award Ex Aequo, Gardens – Painting Competition, BWA Wałbrzych 2013
-Commendation of 12th Gielniak Graphic Arts Competition, Jelenia Góra 2013
-Honourable Mention at  X Polish Woodcut and Linocut Quadrennial, Olsztyn 2011
-Northern Print International Residency Prize, International Print Biennale, Newcastle, England 2011
-Clifford Chance Purchase Prize, International Print Biennale, Newcastle, GB 2011 -Honourable Mention at International Print Biennial Caixanova, Ourense, Spain 2010 -The President of I.J.Paderewski Culture Foundation Award, 1st Painting Competition in Cracov, Poland 2008
-Honourable Mention at 5th International Triennial of Graphic Arts Transfers: Competition Prize Winnners 2004-2007, Inter-Kontakt-Grafik, Grapheion, Prague, Czech Republic 2007
-Gaz Metro Public Award, 5th International Contemporary Print Biennial Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada 2007
-Grand Prize, 14th  Seoul_Space Print Biennial, Seoul, South Korea 2006 -Purchuase  Prize, 14th Seoul_Space Print Biennial, Seoul, South Korea 2006 -The The Best Diploma Title – Polish  Print 2005 – awarded by International Print Triennial Association SMTG – Cracow, Poland 2005
-Henkel Art Award – Drawing Competition, Warsaw-Vienna, Poland-Austria 2005
-Award at 2nd edition of Samsung Art Master Competition – Real Colours, Warsaw, Poland 2005

-H.Chrostowska Prize at the 5th Polish Print Triennial in Katowice, Poland 2003

-Marta Lech – Linocuts, Clifford Chance, London, England 2011 – pdf
-Drawing and sculpture exhibition in “SATYRYK-ONA” project – Modjeska’s Theatre, Legnica, Poland 2009
-Body – drawing exhibition during Festival of Body, Artmania, Wrocław, Poland 2007 -The Best Diploma 2005 – Polish Print,  Polish Institute Stockholm, Sweden 2006 -The Best Diploma 2005 – Polish Print, Oko dla sztuki 2, Kraków, Poland 2006 -Light – linocuts, Museum of Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland 2006 -Diploma exhibition “Light”, Hall of Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland 2005 -Drawing and painting, All art is quite useless – Esra Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium 2003
-”Vous avez dit…ESTEMPE?”, Salle d’Exposition – Guyancourt, France 2010
-Daniel Chodowiecki Prize Competition of Polish print and drawing. Prize winners and awarded artist 1993-2007 exhibition, Akademie der Künste in Berlin, Germany 2009
-“Herzlich wir kommen”, Pokusa Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany 2007
-Pro Figura V, Art Fuhrmann Galerie, Rostock, Germany 2006
-Visual Alphabet multimedia exhibition – BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wrocław 2004