Exhibitions | Archive 2016

Platonic solid | 1. exhibition Klaudia Zawada

January 16 – February 10 at Mleczarnia Café   Plato Art Gallery and Mleczarnia Café invite you to the first exhibition of […]


Nielot – Michał Sikorski

Nielot is a polish word describing flightless bird. An exhibition “Nielot” is an investigation of artist’s condition. Michał Sikorski works […]


Grzegorz S. Tomasiak | Platonic Solids

Grzegorz S. Tomasiak – QR code conception in  panel painting An exhibition of an exhibition of works by the artist Grzegorz S. […]


Aleksandra Staniorowska | Monuments of transient

Draperies deprived of their forms, dismembered, take on new characteristics and meanings. This lack thoughen them. Originally flaccid and delicate, […]

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